Believing that man is body (physical), mind (intellect), and spirit (spiritual) by design; we feel that the well- rounded college experience should include opportunities for growth in all three of these areas. Colleges typically provide for the physical through sports, intramural programs, and fitness center facilities. The opportunities for intellectual advancement abound since that is the primary purpose of higher education. But we find that the spiritual aspect of a college student’s life is often ignored, or even belittled during the college experience. Therefore we desire to offer opportunities for friendship and fellowship in the context of an inter-denominational Christian organization.


  1. To aid those who have already identified their Christian beliefs as vital to the human experience. Also to encourage student leadership and responsibility in spiritual ministry among the students.
  2. To aid those who are interested in learning about the Christian faith in general.
  3. To awaken the student body at large to the reality of Spiritual issues.
  4. To encourage academic excellence.
  5. To encourage morally responsible lifestyles.


The volunteer support staff includes individuals from the community, several of whom are AU alumni. The staff are affiliated with InterVarsity USA and have regular communication with the area director for WNY InterVarsity. We do not receive monetary offerings from the students who attend for the expenses of weekly functions, but do encourage those who wish to develop the discipline of tithing to give regularly to a ministry of their choice, or to special need situations that the staff is aware of in either a practical or financial way.

Since we realize that it requires relaxed fellowship to build relationships that are meaningful, we frequently share meals together on campus or in staff homes following Student Chapel. We consider it a privilege to serve college students in this way.

Service and Leadership Team

These are Students who have shown leadership potential and who agree to serve when asked by the volunteer Staff. These individuals help to conduct the fellowship by communicating with the staff and being the link between campus and off campus staff.

Small group leaders

Some of the above students along with others within the group also take responsibility for organization and leadership of small group discussions that are held weekly on campus.

Worship Team

Students with musical abilities serve the group by practicing with the worship leader weekly in order to lead in the time of musical worship on Sunday mornings.

Meets Fridays

Thrive Large Group
at 7:30pm in the Kenyon-Allen Room at Alfred University

Meets Sundays

Student Chapel
at 11:00am in Susan Howell Hall at Alfred University

Meets Weeknights

Small Groups

Book of Romans Study
Tuesday 7:30 pm – ASC Campus-Rm 408 SLC

C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
Thursday 7 pm – Alumni Lounge, Powell Campus Center
(aka Fireplace room adjacent to where we meet for Thrive)